Iron Horse Boarding Kennel

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At Iron Horse Boarding Kennel we are focused on completely individualized care and attention for your pet.

Our Facility

Our brand new, modern facility has only 12 kennels available for boarding. Our setup is designed with your pet’s comfort and health in mind, and is equipped with a state-of-the art kennel system made by Mason Company.     All kennels have full tempered glass fronts, side partitions and the rear walls are lined with FRP panels. The floor is a LEEDS certified rubber flooring system for extra padding and traction.

We have a three acre off-leash area for larger dogs, and several smaller exercise yards for our smaller guests, or guests that require more moderate exercise.   In addition, we have two outdoor kennel spaces for lounging and relaxation when weather permits.


Our Philosophy

At Iron Horse Boarding Kennel our goal is first and foremost to provide your dog with a safe and enjoyable boarding experience. We have extended our commitment to organics and holistic care to our kennel facility, and are committed to reducing the stress of boarding for both you and your pet. We have kept our facility small so that we can provide all of our guests with the individualized care and attention that they deserve.

We are also committed to supporting you in the health care choices you have made for your pet, and are more than happy to accommodate special diets including raw feeding programs. We do not charge any extra fees for boarding puppies, administration of medications or care of special need dogs. We also welcome unspayed and unneutered pets.